Contact Information:


(636) 679-6815

(In order to keep our costs low we do NOT have a receptionist and you may need to leave us a voicemail so that we can return your call when we are available. Your call and voicemail details are always kept in strictest confidence.  We try to answer as many calls as we can during our office hours:  Monday - Friday between 10am-6pm - except on holidays.  We will try to return your call within 24 hours or on the next business day. Often it is easier to reach us by email - see below.)

Mailing Address:       PO Box 1024, Saint Peters, MO 63376, USA

Where are we located? 

Our ONLY office is in Saint Peters MO.

It is NOT uncommon for individuals to drive 2-3 hours one-way to participate in our ministry.

We have had individuals fly in from as far away as Hawaii and Idaho for our ministry services. 


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For General Questions:                 email:                 Info (at)

Jim Venice, Founder and Executive Director:       Jim (at)

Debbie Venice, wife and Co-Director:                    Debbie (at)